Dear visitor, dear guest,

with the reservation/booking of a room with us you enter a hotel accommodation contract.
This agreement is a legal transaction and, like all contracts, is subject to both parties
legally binding rules (here § 535 BGB).
Here we would like to list only the cancellation conditions, as it is with these the most
Difficulties and inconsistencies. The entire terms and conditions, which are published by Deutscher Hotel- und
Gaststättenverband e.V. (DEHOGA) and recommended are here (only in German)

In the normal case, after the booking, no free cancellation is possible.
But since this is neither practical nor friendly to the guest, we have,
the following arrangements, if not others agreements are made:

A free cancellation is possible in the period 02.Nov. Until 28./29. February
until 3 days before arrival. In the period 01.March. until 01.Nov. is a
free cancellation up to 15 days before arrival.

In case of late cancellation, partial cancellation or non-arrival
80% of the whole travel price will be charged.

When credit card data has been provided, you allow us to charge the full cancelation fee to that card!
Otherwise you agree with your reservation to pay the invoice immediately upon receipt.
If your permanent place of residence is outside of Germany, credit card information (number and expiration date)
is required. The payment can be made by advance payment, but this requires explicit confirmation by us.

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Cancelation policy
Cancelation Policy


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